Monday, 8 August 2011

As promised I've got some updated pics of the garden, it's all growing so quickly.

These were the plants when first planted, above photo 1.5 moths after. They have grown so much! Fuelled on chicken poop!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Well it's been along time again since I blogged but I'm going to try harder to get online more!

I've been quite busy recently trying to get the house & garden ready fro summer (although seems to be summer & winter in one at the mo!)

Here's some photos of the changes i've made to the garden!

I'll have to take some more later as it's a couple of weeks now since I planted them & they've come on really well!

I've also had some good success with my fruit & veggies, enjoyed a good harvest of fresh strawberries and raspberries along with blueberries and some tomatoes. Still got to harvest the potatoes!

Now onto the house!

I've been wanting a kitchen island for ages to finish off my kitchen I painted last year. Now look what bargain I found on eBay!

RRP from local kitchen shop £1400! Me on eBay £200!:) I am over th moon with it, it finishes off the kitchen nicely.

Next kitchen project is to finish painting my new dresser!

I've started painting so watch this space.....

In the dinning/craft room I've also got a eBay bargain! A lovely pine cupboard to match my table & chairs

Because it's got my crafty bits in it I've put polka dot fabric behind the glass, photos to follow.

My craft room will hopefully be ready soon as my brother picked me up an ikea expedit yesterday so u have more storage! Hopefully clutter will soon be hidden!

I've also got a new bed as I needed one for the spare room which I'm hoping to rent out.

Was £30 on eBay!

All in all I'm a happy bunny at the moment! Although no more bargain hunting for a while!

I'll end with a photo of my four legged friend! We're off to a dog show & country fair today!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010

But the main reason i have been so busy... my little doggie!

He's settling in well, here are some more pics to prove it!:)

Also we have had some lovely weather here in Norfolk!

And i took a couple of photos on a wintery walk

Hi everyone, belated happy new year & all!

Its been ages since i've been on here!

Life in 2010 is full & i havent stopped! seems the days of dreaming of finishing uni have vanished & i am just as busy as when i was studying!

I've got lots of catching up to do so here are pics of what i've been up to!

First off i owe pics of my christmas swap!

As you can see i was thoroughly spoilt & the tin was full of chocies!
thanks so much!:)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

ok well photos later as i cant get them to upload!:(